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This site is dedicated to helping you be successful in marketing your Florida Villa. There are three key stages to owning a Florida Villa (1) Financing, (2) Buying, and then the hardest of them all (3) Now you have got it how do you successfully market it? From a financial perspective most owners just want to break even, or at least cover some of the running costs. So Tradingdates have developed some innovative services that will help you achieve these goals. Planning your overall marketing strategy is of paramount importance. It will save you time, money and a few stressful hours as well! Your chances of success will also be improved by talking to and meeting people who have been in this business a "few years" already. They know the do's & don'ts. With that in mind, why not register to join the Florida Owners Club.
Club House
So what are the services that we can offer? We have a whole combination of them that are all designed to help you maximize your marketing budget and the nice thing is they are TOTALLY DESIGNED for you, the Florida Villa Owner. The table below gives you an overview of what we can offer. To find out more details about these services just click on the appropriate links.
Dedicated advert on the floridavillasonly web site. A site that advertises exactly what it says in the name. Only Florida Villas!
A private web site that automatically updates itself when your floridavillasonly advert changes. Comes with domain name, internet privacy, hosting and credit card processing facilities. This is a unique service
Already have a web site – go for the cheapest hosting only package.
One of your choice -, Privacy stops your private information been advertised to spammers.
The latest in Internet marketing. A tour speaks a 1000 words
Top quality photos are a must. Don't use "Mickey mouse" ones
Long term is a great investment, or maybe you want another short term rental. Either way we can help you.
Need a brochure, poster, flyer, business cards - we have got the lot!
A member’s only group that allows the exchange of information. A great way to meet other owners face-to-face, or attend the national conference to find out how the pros get over 42 weeks booked.
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