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Prices and Registration
There are a number of different services that can help you become more successful when renting out your rental home. When you sign up to the internet advertising services then some of the other services may have reduced pricing. Contact us for details. All prices quoted are per annum unless otherwise stated.
There will also be costs associated with the Florida owners club and marketing conference meetings. These will be to cover the cost of room hire and welcome drinks. So the more that come the less cost for you. Why not start recommending it to other owners that you know!
* When you sign up for internet advertising on there are terms & conditions between you and us. To see the current copy then click here
* When Villa guests pay a booking deposit online via the credit card processing system they can sign up to your terms & conditions so please make sure that you send them to us. If you don’t send us any terms & conditions then our standard set will be used. To view them then click here
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