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Private Websites
Getting your own website is an essential part of your marketing strategy. It’s there to showcase what you have on offer. But the content always needs to be fresh, not only for guests, but search engines as well. Pictures, text and pricing should be changed as often as they need to and as soon as possible after you have done any upgrades. We know that this can be time consuming and in some cases a costly exercise when dealing with webmasters. FloridaVillasOnly has solved this problem with its Private Content Managed Website. It’s your own private website where you control all the content and theme of the site itself. But don’t worry if you are not a computer expert. Its custom developed so that if you can type on a keyboard and click on submit you can easily do it yourself – and save a lot of money and time.
Benefits of a Private Content Managed Website
Bullet  You can change any content anytime – 24/7
Bullet  Includes hosting and domain name*
Bullet  Privacy* of your web domain name registration – stops the spammers
Bullet  Integrated credit card processing for multiple currencies
Bullet  3600 virtual tours can be added
Bullet  “smart” integrated calendar – better than the one
Bullet  Multiple homes on the SAME website can easily added
Bullet  If you already have a domain name then it can be used
Bullet  Have a website already? Then a just hosting option is available
Bullet  Submission of the site to the search engines that matter
Bullet  Unique – easily change the template and colour of your site with many to chose from
Bullet  Unique – change the theme from Thanksgiving, to Christmas and Easter
* Domain names are subject to availability. Privacy is not available on extensions
To see an example then click here
Sample Screenshot
The best value package is the complete one. Gets even better if you advertise on the FloridaVillasOnly website because when you update your advert with new content then your private website AUTOMATICALLY gets updates as well. This is a totally unique service that you will not find anywhere else. So why not start you own business advertising rental sites? You can do it part or full time. If you would like to talk about some of the possibilities then do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
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