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Business Opportunities
Do you want to start your own rental business? Now you can. We will provide you with a ready made system that allows you to add properties as and when you like. You can also offer owners their own private website. But remember you can also apply this rental model to any location in the world and not just rental homes!
Benefits to you
Bullet  Can be run part time and from home
Bullet  Earn extra income
Bullet  Full training and support
Bullet  Your own domain name, subject to availability
Bullet  Marketing support
Bullet  Company formation services
Bullet  Many villa templates and themes to chose from
Bullet  Earn extra commissions by offering a concierge service*
* A concierge service is where you do the rental bookings on an owner’s behalf and charge a commission for doing so. This is ideal if an owner does not have the time to do their own bookings.
As far as pricing goes we will charge you a wholesale price for the service and you charge a retail price to your customers. The wholesale price is dependant on what you want so contact us for further information and a no obligation chat.
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